Monthly Archives: October 2011

Momma Sheila | Rhode Island and Ma Maternity Photography

Attention everyone…. Colt State Park is now back to it’s wintry feel.  The wind at that park is unbelievable!  Every year I forget about how cold it gets in the spring and fall! Thankfully, most pregnant women that I photograph are pretty tough, and are willing to bear the uncomfortableness of a chilly breeze for […]

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Little Joey Junior | Rhode Island and Ma Newborn Photography

Joey Jr. came into the studio with his beautiful mother and father yesterday.   You could see the love in mom’s eyes as she watched dad hold little Joey while dressed in his air force uniform. He was a wonderful little one to shoot; he went from being fast asleep to very alert and stared […]

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All the girls | Rhode Island and Ma Family Photography

It just hit me…. the last time I photographed at Lincoln woods, I was there for a family with three boys!  This afternoon I went there to photograph a beautiful family with three very photogenic girls!  We were a little hesitant because the weather looked like it might turn at any second, but we chanced […]

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