Newborn Violet | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Newborn Baby Photography

In her words:


“When I pictured myself pregnant I pictured myself larger than life, uncomfortable, and an annoying hormonal mess. With the exception of the first 15 weeks of ‘praying to the porcelain goddess’ my pregnancy exceeded my expectations and was a very pleasant experience; with an amazing reward.

My husband Guido and I decided long ago that the gender of a baby is one of the greatest surprises life can throw at you. We decided to keep our baby’s gender a surprise. This was very exciting; every once in a while we thought that we had a ‘Gender leak’ at an ultrasound our thoughts would be counteracted at the next visit. Violet was literally a surprise until the moment she was born! 

I was induced the night before my due date. Guido and I joked about Violet being the perfect baby being born on her due date as most babies aren’t. Guido and I were so surprised with how calm and peaceful everything was; not what we have seen in the movies. I started Pitocin at 7 am on June 3rd and by 10:11 p.m. Violet was born. With my mom and my husband by my side, Violet was handed up to me. My mom said, “Well, what is it!?!!?” I looked amazed; I couldn’t believe my very eyes. It’s a girl!! Welcome Violet. Her sweet little eyes looked up at me and I instantly knew my life would never be the same; our sweet Violet makes us complete! Violet was more than I could have wished for; a perfect little girl, alert and ready to conquer the world. Violet Elizabeth weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. and was 19 inches long.”

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