• I am so happy to have met everyone who you see on here, and I am so thankful that you are taking the time to look through their portraits! Feel free to contact me, or view the website Dimery Photography to see more!

Three month old baby Jack | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Baby Photographer

This was my second session with baby Jack, and he is bigger than life!  Well,  if life were about 16 pounds he would be!  At three months, he is a big chub a lub.. and soooo darn cute!  I want to eat him, don’t you?  Today was gorgeous, so we took advantage and went outside for some photos!  I’m so happy that the weather is getting warmer!!!

Six Week Baby Ella | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Baby Photographer

I will be photographing Beautiful Baby Ella for her entire first year of life!  At six weeks, she’s already smiling up a storm!   She’s got quite the personality… when most babies cry (during diaper changes),  she coo’s and smiles. Her next session will be in the lovely outdoors, can’t wait!

Noah! | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Child Portrait Photographer

I love his eyes… they are so dark that you can not only see my reflection, but the color of my jacket, and the sky behind me!  He is a beauty of a child.  This age.. well… you get a lot of exercise trying to get a photo!  Can I just make special note of the fourth image down?  It’s worth a little extra attention.

Tiny Baby Owen | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Newborn Portrait Photographer

Little Brynn and big sis Morgan | Rhode Island and Massachusetts Newborn and Family Photographer